Friday Miracle.

Hi friends!  It's been a wonderful weekend of good friends and good wine, and looking at mummies and dinosaur fossils.  I hope yours was equally magical! This week, I was given a tiny miracle.  Years ago, my mom gave me the Elsa Peretti "J" necklace from Tiffany & Co. for Christmas.  It was special and … Continue reading Friday Miracle.

New Year/New Tune.

Happy New Year, friends!  During this first week of this new year, I'm adjusting my typical New Year routine.  Most years, I sit down with a pad of paper and a fresh pen to write my New Year goals.  (In our family, we like to have goals to which we aspire as opposed to resolutions … Continue reading New Year/New Tune.

Bird Lady.

Happy Saturday, friends! I'm having my sprinklers blown out today (#grownup), so while I'm a homebound hostage for a couple hours waiting for the tech, I'm indulging in some hot coffee, a cheesy Hallmark movie, and laughing at the never-ending play outside my window. From where I sit, I can see a blue jay squawking at … Continue reading Bird Lady.


Hi Friends! Happy Wednesday/first day of Fall!  Minus a little haze, it's a gorgeous day here in Colorado.  I'm sad to see the sun rising a little later each morning, but I suppose apple cider, blazing gold aspens, and boot weather will be a good consolation prize. I've been in my new house for just … Continue reading Jump.


Happy Tuesday, people!  After two consecutive weekends in the mountains, I was craving some city time - part of my constant quest to find balance between Colorado adventures and "New York" cool.  When an email came through touting a Friends of Laphroaig event at Space Gallery, I was in. Laphroaig, if you're not familiar, is … Continue reading Cheers.

Dirty 30.

Hi friends! I had a birthday this weekend, and it was spectacular (my dear friend gave a delightful account here). A bunch of people flew in from across this great nation, and we decamped to the mountains to celebrate in true Colorado fashion: we hiked, we canoed, and we hot tubbed. Several people asked how … Continue reading Dirty 30.