Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you're well. Today, my calves are sore from a long hike to a beautiful waterfall. A hike that helped me remember that I am not trapped; I am, in fact, surrounded by beautiful places that fill me with awe and gratitude. Which makes it easier to extend that same gratitude … Continue reading Sunday.

Happy International Women’s Day.

It’s International Women’s Day, and I spent the morning thinking about why I couldn’t bring myself to post about this annual event on social media. I voted for Elizabeth Warren in the Colorado primary. It took me a long time to decide who to vote for, and I delayed my decision until an hour before … Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day.


Happy New Year, Friends! This January 1, I sat down with my journal to write my 2019 goals. I had been dreading it most of the morning - it had been far too long since I'd written in those pages. I had fallen off my self-care wagon, and perfection-fueled judgment started to tug at my … Continue reading More.