Father’s Day.

Happy Sunday, friends! Today is Father’s Day.

My dad loved the Beatles and The Far Side. He taught himself to draw and play the guitar – sometimes at 2 a.m. on a school night. He bought batteries, light bulbs, and trash bags in quantities so large bulk doesn’t cover it. He did kind things anonymously, never seeking credit, and he could be a real asshole if you wanted to listen to *NSYNC in his car.

Some months after he died, we had the good fortune to meet Rick, who would later become my step-dad. When he and my mom started dating, I felt lost and heartsick, not knowing how to grieve this life-cratering loss, and I was loyal to my dad and the life we’d had as a family. Let’s just say…I wasn’t enthusiastic about Rick’s presence.

Thankfully, he is kind and patient and honest and vulnerable. He allows others to be themselves, however they need to be. He has two smart, capable, beautiful, fun daughters, so as our families joined together, I got two sisters out of the deal (and now two brothers-in-law and a sister-in-law!). As our family has grown, I’ve had the unique privilege of learning family isn’t a static term. You don’t just get the family you were born into – you can experience love, trust, growth, and support with lots of people, who might come into your life in unexpected ways.

Today, I’m grateful for the dad who helped bring me into this world AND for the step-dad who has helped me grow into a better person.

Sending you all good vibes.


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