Happy V-Day, or F*ck You, I-25.

close up of tree against sky

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Happy Valentine’s Day! We all know V-Day can be tricky, whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not. Consumerism criticisms aside, I love this holiday. I love that there’s a day on the calendar devoted to telling people you love them. It’s a good excuse to reach out to my family and send funny memes to my friends. The last couple years, I made charitable donations to spread the love.

This year, I wanted to turn that love on myself. I booked an Orangetheory class for this evening to take care of my physical heart, packed some healthy snacks for work, and set an intention to love myself today.

Halfway through my morning commute on I-25, someone passed me on the right and slid into the car-length in front of me, and I found myself muttering, “Yeah, that’s right, buddy. You belong wherever you want to be!”  Hmmm, that’s not very loving, I thought, taking a deep breath.

Throughout my busy workday, I forgot about my intention. It was a completely average day, and I was not the shining, loving, beatific version of myself I had imagined. I was, in fact, a little whiny at times. I headed home to change for my workout, and on the drive, I saw a seemingly endless line of cars heading towards the highway – towards Orangetheory. I grumbled and sighed and rolled my eyes.

After a quick change, I ignored my growing regret about scheduling a workout on a weeknight and headed into the traffic. With two minutes until class and several stoplights to go, I gripped the steering wheel and shouted, “F*CK YOU, I-25 and F*CK YOU, Denver and F*CK YOU, everyone who lives here!”

And then I took another deep breath. I called Orangetheory and found out there’s a 10-minute grace period. I made it with minutes to spare. By the end of the workout, I felt calm and grounded and so happy I had committed to taking care of myself and stuck with it, even though I did it crankily. Today, this is what I had to give. Today, balance looked like cussing out a highway and then feeling so much gratitude.

I hope you all felt loved today, even if it wasn’t how you expected or hoped. Sending you love and light – and hopefully an easy commute.

(Oh yeah, and because I’m able to drive to yuppie exercise classes in a safe car, I donated to charity: water when I got home.)


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