Work it Out.

Happy Thursday, friends! Wherever you are, I hope your week has been a good one. Aside from an hour of wondering if Mercury was in retrograde, mine has been top-notch.

This year, I made only one New Year’s goal: more love.

So far, it’s been satisfying and transformative. Household chores look very different through the love lens. Do I want to wash dishes after dinner? No, friends, I do not. But do I want to give myself the gift of waking up to a clean kitchen and making tea in my favorite mug? YES.

I recently met one of the women behind Fit Bottomed Girls, a fitness/wellness site with the tagline “You can’t hate yourself healthy.” This resonates with me so deeply. Because of life stuff, I lost the habit of working out these last few years. I hike and walk my dog, but I didn’t go to any kind of gym in 2018. And while I wasn’t worried about numbers on a scale, I don’t look like I used to. Once sculpted arms have grown soft; even the echoes of quads and hamstrings have faded. I started showing people an old picture from a trip to Hawaii, very tan and very toned: “look who I used to be!”

I was so disappointed in myself for losing this part of my life. When I thought about how far I had fallen and how far I had to go, it was daunting. I hid under several seasons of The Great British Baking Show. But now, when I think about how I want to feel in my life, it seems so much easier. I want to feel energetic and happy and part of a community, and exercise is one way to get there. I spend so, so much energy on anxiety, and exercise helps that. I played team sports for years, and it’s fun to spend an hour with people who cheer each other on. I love listening to loud music and proving myself wrong about how strong I am.

So I signed up for Orangetheory because it’s fun and my mom and step-dad go there. I’ve been taking restorative yoga classes because they are magic and medicine and I feel so loved on that mat, surrounded by candles and people who want to feel peace. I accidentally went to the hardest workout class of my life, which was possibly a mistake and definitely an experience.

I don’t know where I will be next year, but for now, I’m trying to love myself healthy. I’m enjoying the feel of broken-down muscles knitting themselves back together. I’m sleeping better. I’m caring for myself. I’m cheering people on.

Wishing you all more music, more fun, more love.

person rolling green gym mat

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