Practical Magic.

Hi, friends! Happy Thursday. I've written a lot on here about my own personal journey to be gentle, to love myself, and to find my path. Today, I wanted to share some of the tools that I've learned to lean on along the way. Now, I've read those same articles you have: "Don't hit the … Continue reading Practical Magic.

The Wisdom of Weeds.

My front yard is mostly green, mostly tidy, and mostly grass. The few areas of weeds are unobtrusive – I’ve always liked clover and am happy to host the bees. The back yard, with no sprinkler system to keep the grass alive, has become a thicket of dandelions and shame. Over the winter, the back … Continue reading The Wisdom of Weeds.

I Am Rich.

Today is my birthday – I am now 34 years old, which is strange to say. I haven’t yet gotten used to the feel of the number. Friends and family wished me Happy Birthday, and some of those messages came from the UK, Spain, India, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Each message reminded me how fortunate … Continue reading I Am Rich.