Happy New Year’s Eve, friends!  [Ed. note – the writer may have, uh, fallen asleep before midnight and forgotten to finish this post.] Whatever holidays you celebrate (or not – it’s a free country), I hope they’ve been great.

I got to spend Christmas “back home again in Indiana,” where it was a disorienting and rainy 60 degrees.  Thankfully, we had enough of a break in the weather to take my step-dad’s ’36 Ford out for a cruise on Christmas day.  Rick and my brother rode in the front and my mom and I shared the rumble seat – it was so fun to drive around town and greet people out walking their dogs.  Some called out, “hey, nice car!”  Others wished us Merry Christmas.  One man stood watching and smiling from his doorway.


In our own little way, we helped to spread some cheer, and it felt nice!

We also saw Star Wars (loved, loved so much), played so many games of cards, sang along with family favorite Christmas tunes, and ate and drank way too much.  #typical

This year has brought a hard-won return to continuity in my life – or at least the beginnings of it.  For a long time I ran from one trip/apartment/store/bar to the next, trying to hold myself together.  Through a combination of time, living in this amazing state, buying my first house, and connecting with friends and family, I’ve started to relax back into reality.

Reality may not be perfect, but at least it’s real.  My wish for myself and all of you in 2016 is to make peace with our reality and find our own ways to make it better.

For now, I’m starting with a homemade breakfast followed by a Star Wars movie marathon with some great friends.  (Because, really, what’s more real than a bunch of adorable Ewoks?!?)

Cheers, friends!

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