Bird Lady.

Happy Saturday, friends!

I’m having my sprinklers blown out today (#grownup), so while I’m a homebound hostage for a couple hours waiting for the tech, I’m indulging in some hot coffee, a cheesy Hallmark movie, and laughing at the never-ending play outside my window.

From where I sit, I can see a blue jay squawking at a squirrel, who is perched on top of one of the bird feeders, flicking his tail at the jay.  A black-capped chickadee keeps trying to flit through unnoticed, barely landing atop the shepherd’s hook before flying away again.

Recently, my mom had a dream in which my dad told her to let me know that the birds meant everything would be ok.  I took that to heart.  Every time I see the one fat little finch refusing to give up his perch, hear the woodpecker announce to the neighborhood that I refilled the feeders, or see the chickadees in the pear tree, I feel calm.

I watch these sweet, bossy, funny little birds and remember the times I sat in my grandmother’s kitchen while she taught me the names of each visitor to her feeders.  Goldfinches have always carried a special magic for me since those days.  We laughed at the squirrels who got fooled by my grandpa’s corn-cob feeder that flipped them upside down.  I think about how my step-dad put up feeders in our back yard in Indiana to help my very brave mom through chemo.  Too nauseated to do much, she sat at the kitchen table and found a new strength in stillness.

“His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.”

I watch these birds, who bring me so much joy in exchange for a few sunflower seeds, and I believe that everything will be ok.  For a few moments at least, I release all my anxieties and illusions of control and just enjoy.

The aspen tree in my yard is golden and filters the sunlight in delicate patterns on the window.  My sprinkler system is protected for the winter.  I have a sunny Saturday in front of me and a loving family I get to see at Christmas.  Everything is ok.  In fact, it’s pretty great.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with peace and productivity.