Hi friends!

It’s obnoxious to complain about how busy you are (David Sedaris has a line about that in one of his books, but I can’t place it at the moment), but these last couple of months have been capital C Crazy.  Thankfully, I had a family vacation to look forward to.

A week on the beach with all of us together – how perfect!

Until…my brother’s wife had a health scare (she’ll be fine, thankfully!) and they had to cancel, and the beach reclamation that was to be two miles away turned out to be 9 houses down (oh heeeey, bulldozers), and I’m currently spending some quality time at Raleigh-Durham while my other siblings have been stuck on a plane in Atlanta for two hours.

Best laid plans, amiright?

Instead of being crabby, I worked for a bit, am sipping a coffee, and decided to share some fun tidbits.

Speaking of David Sedaris – this is why I don’t own a Fitbit.

This profile of neurologist Oliver Sacks is lovely and sad, but mostly lovely.

Is it too early to buy a ticket for this?

(Today’s post format was inspired by my friend Mary’s delightful blog helloiforgotmymantra.com)