Work it Out.

Hello, howdy, hola, friends!  (It’s been so long, I felt like you all deserved a selection of hellos.)

At the risk of starting on a note of negativity, the weather in Denver has been ROUGH lately.  I shouldn’t complain, since we get pretty spoiled out here, but dear lord.  I think we’re getting all our 65 days of rain in a row.  It makes me identify with Missy Elliott like never before.

Rainy Colorado

This is what I’ve been dealing with, people.

Naturally, I’ve handled it with patience and peace.  If by “patience and peace” you mean indulging in a disproportionate amount of whining (and wining).  Thankfully, our friend Shannon resurrected a work-out competition in which we log the number of minutes we work out each week, competing for weekly $5 rewards.

So today I dug out my old iPod and worked out to some tunes I haven’t heard in years.  The first notes of Adele and Amy Winehouse brought back memories of riding the Q train to Coney Island and the sticky feeling of your summer skin against the subway bench.  I remembered training for my first ever 5K, running past brownstones on my way to the Brooklyn Bridge.

It may still be cloudy outside, but dancing around my kitchen to Thunderheist brought a little sunshine into my day.

Here’s wishing you a little sunshine, no matter the weather.

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