Wedded bliss.

Hello, long-lost friends!  How’ve you been?  Hope you’ve all been enjoying the start of spring.

I just returned from a glorious wedding weekend in Michigan.  My dear friends Kate and Andy were married in a charming town on Lake Michigan, and it was a lovely wedding.  Kate is the sweetest woman I know, but she navigates New York like a native and doesn’t mess around on the basketball court.  Andy is charming and funny and such a gentleman that we were almost suspicious at first.

Best of all, he’s from Liverpool and has a kick-ass accent!

Beautiful bride

Beautiful bride!

In addition to bringing together two great people to start their next great adventure, this wedding reunited some of our best girlfriends from New York.  It’s well documented how much I love these ladies, but it bears repeating.  They’re some of the smartest, wittiest, funniest people I know, and we had so much fun drinking mini bottles of champagne, eating too much pizza (ha!  As if that were possible.), taking walks to the lighthouse, and teasing ourselves for needing multiple pharmacy trips.  “Guys – this is going to a wedding in your 30s.”

Carousel ride

Carousel ride – with hats!

On Sunday morning, we lazed around the room, flipping through a photo stream of wedding weekend pictures and already starting to miss each other.  All day I had a stomach ache that had little to do with all the bourbon.  I thought about Kate’s upcoming Derby party, Rachel’s favorite art exhibit, Hallie’s birthday in August.  Things we would have all been able to do together in New York.

We make a great effort to see each other as often as possible, but that magical world we created together no longer exists in the same way.  I called my mom after I was back safely in Denver and told her how sad I was, thinking about how things have changed.  She encouraged me to remember how grateful I was to live in Colorado and have so many great friends here, and that’s all true of course, and she was right to remind me.


Farewell spoon.

I don’t know if it’s an American trait, a Midwestern one, or something I developed on my own, but I have a habit of feeling a moment of sadness and immediately burying it under a cascade of positivity.  This time, instead of deflecting the sadness only to see it pop up elsewhere, I decided to just feel it and know I would naturally drift back towards happiness.  It felt like respect for those friendships and a level of trust in myself that I haven’t felt in a while.

So I was cranky for a couple of days, looked through the photo stream again, and ate more chocolate than strictly necessary.  I got a couple of good nights of sleep, and then our friend made a meme out of one of the wedding photos.  I laughed so hard!  I had a very productive day at work.  I ate some vegetables.  I went to yoga.

I still miss them all, but we have so many great memories from this past weekend, and now we get to plan our next reunion.

Guys…I guess this is growing up when you’re 30.

So cheers to Kate and Andy and their happy life ahead – it was an honor to celebrate with them, and I can’t wait until we’re all together again!

St. Joseph Lighthouse

This way to happiness.