The Balanced Life.

Happy Sunday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend – mine was lovely, featuring karaoke and a giant breakfast burrito, though I did discover two things that aren’t super great about being 30 (though there are plenty of things that are).

1.) You can’t blame your jackass decisions on being in your 20s.

2.) Hangovers, man.  They just keep getting worse.

Speaking of hangovers, I’m trying to build more balance into my life, starting with leisurely time at home indulging in two fun new hobbies.

Royal Companion typewriter

My new “Companion”!

Ryan Gosling coloring book

My dream world companion.

Hope you have a great week, filled with your perfect balance of peace and excitement, work and play, leafy greens and chocolate cake.
Oh, and plenty of Ryan Gosling (thanks are due to dear friend Jenny for this ridiculously cool gift).Ryan Gosling


2 thoughts on “The Balanced Life.

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