I Believe That We Will Win.

Well, friends, the USA is out of the World Cup.  I’m not ashamed to be one of those people who only cares about soccer once every four years, but every time I watch this tournament, the sport wins me over.

Kyle Beckerman

Tim Howard

Oh, excuse me, did I say the sport?  Pretty sure I mean the dudes.  Just…drink it in, folks.

Thankfully, since we’re Americans, we’re not going to let this loss get us down.  We’ll redeem it with cat videos.

This might be my last post for a wee while – mama and step-dad arrive tomorrow, and then we head to Grand Lake for Felicia and Brian’s wedding!  I can’t wait to celebrate with these two special people.  Next weekend, I head back to the mountains with a bunch of my favorite people who have graciously agreed to supervise my exit from my 20s.  Yes, kids, I’m about to be 30.  I’m sure I’ll emerge with wisdom and maturity.  And probably a hangover.

Catch you on the flip side…




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