Happy Tuesday, people!  After two consecutive weekends in the mountains, I was craving some city time - part of my constant quest to find balance between Colorado adventures and "New York" cool.  When an email came through touting a Friends of Laphroaig event at Space Gallery, I was in. Laphroaig, if you're not familiar, is … Continue reading Cheers.

The Balanced Life.

Happy Sunday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend - mine was lovely, featuring karaoke and a giant breakfast burrito, though I did discover two things that aren't super great about being 30 (though there are plenty of things that are). 1.) You can't blame your jackass decisions on being in your 20s. 2.) Hangovers, man.  … Continue reading The Balanced Life.

Dirty 30.

Hi friends! I had a birthday this weekend, and it was spectacular (my dear friend gave a delightful account here). A bunch of people flew in from across this great nation, and we decamped to the mountains to celebrate in true Colorado fashion: we hiked, we canoed, and we hot tubbed. Several people asked how … Continue reading Dirty 30.