Happy Sunday, friends!  How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was perfect.

Saturday, I went for a run with darling Felicia (and saw an outdoor showing of Finding Nemo with her and her fiance’s families, who agreed to adopt me for the weekend) and helped another good friend prime a wall in her apartment (followed by celebratory beers and burgers).  Spent my Sunday catching up with family, puttering around the apartment, and laying by the pool.

Skyline Park

Waiting for dusk in Skyline Park.

Recently, I’ve had a few truths bubble up – some were welcome, some I’d been avoiding.  It’s often easier to be the ostrich who buries your head in work or travel or a beer or five with friends, but all the while, there’s a simmering, nagging knowledge that whatever you’re ignoring, of course, won’t actually go away.  So I took a few days to rest, eat good food, work out, and spend leisurely hours with people I love, who love me too, and it gave me the strength to face all the unpleasant truths.

And the funny thing is, I feel so much better!  A lot of things are changing, and some things will need to change before too long.  Accepting these truths hurt like hell, but I know it’ll all be okay.

After dinner, I took my glass of chardonnay outside and sat on a rock – still warm with the day’s heat – and watched the sunset.  I was upset at first because I had gotten distracted and the sun was already behind the Rockies by the time I reached my seat.  But it was still so beautiful – pink clouds above me, with a knife edge of bright orange lining the clouds that hung just above the mountains.  The pink soon faded to pearly gray, and the thumbnail of moon grew brighter.

Colorado sunset

To expect those clouds to hold their shape, or to try to stop them losing their glow from the sun, would be futile at best.  But those clouds will reform in a new pattern, and the sun will disappear behind those same mountains again tomorrow.  While it won’t be the same, a brand new beauty will appear again tomorrow night, and for those of us lucky enough to be here, all we have to do is look.

Here’s hoping tomorrow brings us all a brand new adventure, our eyes are open to see it, and our hearts are open to embrace it.


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