Super Yogi.

Happy no-longer-Monday, friends!  I went to another sculpt class at CorePower Yoga tonight, and it was amazing.  I powered through class, inspired by the kicky music and energetic teacher, motivated by thoughts of running the Ragnar.

I stopped to catch my breath when I needed, challenging myself to join in for each exercise and feeling so proud when class ended.  I felt taller!  I could hit all the notes in all the songs on the radio!  I immediately drove to Walgreens to buy vitamins!  I was INVINCIBLE.

I imagine it’s how people on coke feel – minus the jitters, nose bleeds, and subsequent crushing depression.

In hopes of sharing a bit of this feeling, please enjoy reading the transcript of Amy Schumer’s speech from the recent Gloria Awards and Gala (put on by the Ms. Foundation for Women).  I’m not sure how this will track with my male readers (it’s no secret that I have zero idea what goes on in y’all’s heads), but it is well worth the read.

Love and trust yourself, friends.  Feel strong.  Be brave.  Ride a bike in the sunshine.

Bike on the South Platte