Powerful Core.

Hi friends!  Happy Saturday!  It’s sunny with a breeze here, and even though I can see snow on the mountains, I’m wearing short sleeves.

I’ve been whining about being out of shape for the past several months, so when my friend invited me along to yoga, I decided to ease back into health with the free first week of yoga at CorePower. We did two hot yoga classes, which were challenging yet gentle enough to let me believe I hadn’t lost much endurance.

And then, dear friends, I took what I mistakenly assumed was another hot yoga class this morning.  As I was laying out my mat and towel, I noticed that other students were grabbing dumbbells.  “Excuse me,” I said to the adorable (and extremely toned) teacher, “do we need weights?”

“Yeah,” she replied, looking perplexed, “have you ever taken sculpt before?”

I told her I hadn’t and was so excited to try!  She mostly concealed her trepidation and assured me I could drop the weights whenever I needed.  As someone who regularly challenges people to push-up contests after one too many margaritas, I thought surely I could handle a set of 4-lb. dumbbells.

BOY, OH BOY, was I wrong.  This was the hardest workout I’ve had since I took spinning class and promptly developed a rattling cough because I’d disturbed a bunch of crap in my lungs that had presumably been there for years because I hadn’t breathed that hard since college tennis conditioning.

Just imagine doing a bunch of push-ups, followed by a bunch of lunges, followed by ALL OF THE SQUATS, all while holding weights…for an hour.  I started blacking out so many times I hung out in child’s pose on my mat for a few minutes every so often, and even though I couldn’t do all the reps, I tried to participate in each exercise.  By the end of class, I was drenched, exhausted, and exhilarated.

For so long, I’ve been afraid to face how out of shape I am, but during that last hip opener (our teacher referred to it as cleaning out our emotional junk drawers), I got all teary-eyed and had that very “yoga” moment of realizing that wherever you are in your practice is where you are, and that’s great.  I went to class, I participated, and I didn’t quit.  Instead of feeling defeated, I was motivated to get better.

My free week of yoga is up now, but I’m sure I’ll be back, and every class will be better than the last.

Hope you find space in your day to feel strong, hopeful, and at peace.  NAMASTE, BITCHES.


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