Merry New Year.

Friends – how did you ring in the New Year?  I spent 2014 Eve drinking progressively cheap bottles of champagne, which transitioned into shots of Puerto Rican moonshine, which devolved into a shot of Fireball, which we capped off with one last toast of Andre before bed.


Happy happy!

We sat around a friend’s kitchen table, playing cards and laughing about nothing, talking about our goals and travel plans for the year ahead.  (Norway, anyone?  Maybe Patagonia?)  We walked to a local bar, where the bartenders were inexplicably kitted out in 70s attire, to count down to midnight.  30 seconds in the door, one of our girls turned to me and earnestly announced that she had spotted tall men in this bar, and we were going to talk to them.

I consider myself a congenial person, but this young woman put me to shame in the befriending strangers department.  She marched up to Tall Guy #1, tapped him on the shoulder, and said, “What’s your favorite thing about sex?”  Somehow it wasn’t creepy, and we were all friends from there, sharing party crackers and that inevitable shot of Fireball.

We trickled home after midnight, telling each other how much we loved each other and how excited we were for 2014.  Last year seemed full of change almost to the point of chaos, and while it brought growth for me and so many of my friends and family, we all said how much we wished for a year defined by peace.

I live a blessed life, having the luxury to make goals like “clean out the closet” or “work out three times a week,” and I try to remember that.  This year, I wish you all a year filled with your kind of peace, whether that means big changes or quiet moments.  Happy clean slate.  Happy New Year.


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