Fun Times.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends!  Before I think ahead to 2014 (seriously – we’re the Jetsons), I wanted to share a few highlights of the last month, which was a delightful whirlwind of fun.

A fun friend had free bowling at the ever classy Elitch Lanes, where we stole his phone and took silly selfies.



I tagged along on an expedition to Boulder to see a bluegrass concert, featuring local band Paper Bird and The Infamous Stringdusters.  The Stringdusters have a devoted following, some of whom have dubbed themselves “The Jamily” – as in the family that jams.  These folks include hip young singles and former followers of the Grateful Dead – they were fun and welcoming and more passionate about this band than I am about most things in life.  Once I heard the band, I got it, and we’re planning to see them again in March!




Some friends and I were supposed to go see the Christmas lights at the zoo, but instead we ate tasty Ethiopian food, drank rich Ethiopian coffee, and planned our New Year’s Eve celebration.



I attended an ugly sweater party for the first time ever, which reminded me of why I love Denver.  This city has such a spirit of whimsy!  People wore plenty of ugly sweaters in New York (especially in Williamsburg), but they took themselves very seriously.  Here people have themed parties and get dressed up in 80s gear to ride their bikes between bars.  Denver might be my soul city.



I went for a jog in the snow.



My cousin wanted to celebrate her birthday with a trip to the Stampede, a country dance bar in Aurora.  The music was great, and the people-watching was amazing.  I learned to two-step, took a couple-few shots of Fireball, and then missed the shuttle back to the hotel.  I called my friend, drunk-distraught, who patiently suggested that I call a taxi, and then I made him talk to the drunk idiots with whom I was fighting.  I’m not sure he enjoyed that phone call in a traditional way, but at least it’s a story…so basically, you’re welcome.



My amazing co-worker bought me the nicest bottle of Scotch I’ve ever owned, which also came with a lifetime lease on a square foot of land on Islay – so this woman helped me to achieve one of my biggest life dreams without even knowing it.  I can’t wait to visit!


Hope the end of your 2013 was filled with friends, fun, delicious food, and perhaps a life-long dream or two fulfilled.



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