Weekend Update.

Hi friends!  It was recently pointed out to me that I've been "slacking off," so I wanted to share some recent excitement (beyond the joy I felt upon finding out someone reads my blog). Last week I realized I'm basically a toddler: any time I get off my sleep or food schedule, I break down.  … Continue reading Weekend Update.

Rose Gold.

The week after New Year's, while driving home from work and talking to my mama, this is what the sky looked like. As the sun continued to set, it only got more dramatic. These pictures don't do it justice, friends.  It was so beautiful it made you want to grab someone by the sleeve and … Continue reading Rose Gold.

Fun Times.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends!  Before I think ahead to 2014 (seriously - we're the Jetsons), I wanted to share a few highlights of the last month, which was a delightful whirlwind of fun. A fun friend had free bowling at the ever classy Elitch Lanes, where we stole his phone and took silly selfies.   … Continue reading Fun Times.