Snow Bunny.

Friends and lovers, I have an important announcement: I have now, for the first time in my life, been on a pair of skis.  It was so much fun!

It was cross-country skiing – I’ll tackle downhill another time – and I’m already obsessed.  My cool, outdoorsy friend Trent invited me to explore the wilderness outside of Leadville (former home of both the Unsinkable Molly Brown and Doc Holliday), so we loaded up the truck with our gear and his dog, Titan, and ventured forth.

Cross-country skiing

Ready to explore!

An easy sub-two-hour drive later, we bundled up in snow pants, strapped on our skis, and set out.  I had been secretly very nervous about this outing (I tend to fall down, and Trent is an ultra-marathoner), but it was easy to pick up, and I didn’t feel like I was slowing him down.  In fact, we were going at a decent clip, and I only fell twice!  We had back-country skis, so we left the beaten track to forge our own.  It was silent, the air was crisp, and we didn’t see another person all day.

Skiing near Leadville


One unexpected benefit was how happy I felt to finally be “legit” – people decamp for the mountains every winter weekend here, and since I don’t downhill ski or snowboard, I was missing a big part of Colorado culture.  The whole time we were gliding through the forest, I had this big goofy smile on my face.  Something I had wanted very badly to do, but had been intimidated by, turned out to be both doable and as fun as I’d hoped.

Leadville mine

I’ve started browsing craigslist for used skis and poles.  I want to go again, like, tomorrow.  Can’t wait for the next time I get to enjoy the view atop a pair of skis!


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