Negatives into Positives.

Friends – it can be awfully difficult to be positive when the temperatures are in the negatives.

Denver freeze

It’s chilly.

Which is why it was so perfect that this article arrived in my inbox today (thanks, friend!).  The gist is: Denver is the best city in the US.

Having spent over six years in a city that considers itself the center of the universe, I tend to recoil from such hubristic claims; however, Denver is AWESOME, yo!  This (condensed) excerpt below proves it.

“Well, where else can you find…

  • 25 days of sun a month (or 300 days of sun a year) (or more sun than San Diego or Miami)
  • Legalized marijuana
  • The skinniest city (in the skinniest state) in the country
  • State recognized civil unions
  • The biggest urban park system in the United States (205 parks, dudes)
  • 650 miles of paved bike trails (Distance between Denver and Vegas? 753 miles)
  • One of the first three states in the US to allow women to vote
  • 200 visible mountain peaks, 32 of which are over 13,000 feet
  • The only city in the US to say, “Thanks, but no thanks” to the Olympics
  • Seven sports teams
  • Average high temperature in February? 49
  • More beer brewed daily (80 varieties) than in any other city in the US + extra thin air to get you drunker –  faster”

Hope that, whatever city you call home, you’ve got plenty to love!


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