Happy Turkey Day.

Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s a few days late, but the sentiment stands.


I hope you all enjoyed the holiday surrounded by family and friends, with a full plate of food in front of you and a cozy nap spot for your turkey coma.  I was able to go home to be with most of my family (my bro and his wife couldn’t make it…booooo), and it was lovely.  We went to our traditional pre-Thanksgiving chili night, cooked a beautiful Thanksgiving meal, ate breakfast at the Hobnob in Brown County, cut down and decorated a Christmas tree, and stopped for Dairy Queen on the way home.

Christmas tree and ice cream

In the spirit of the season, here’s a short list of a few things for which I’m thankful:

  • Pumpkin pie taste tests.
  • Christmas music, especially Perry Como, Kenny and Dolly, Michael Bublé, Bing Crosby, and step-family favorite Jim Reeves.
  • Life-long friends who invite you to drink wine around the kitchen island and talk about, like, real life shit…and also Duck Dynasty.
  • The ability to buy all the ingredients to make cranberry salsa, which is a revelation.
  • An awesome family who always help wash the dishes.
  • Experiences that prove life is what you make it, and seeing the incredible difference a year makes.

And I’m very thankful for all of you!  Happy holidays – whichever ones you celebrate!

Christmas tree


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