Attitude of Gratitude.

Hello, friends!  Happy Saturday!

I attended a memorial service yesterday, and while it was incredibly sad, it was a special opportunity to hear this person’s family and friends eulogize him.  They spoke of his way of moving through the world: he worked his butt off, helped people who needed it, loved his family, and though he rarely talked about faith, he began each day with prayers of gratitude.

He provided a prime example of a life well lived, and everyone who shared memories at the service mentioned how much they admired him.  Even in my short time of knowing him, it was impossible not to.

So this morning, I made a delightful breakfast (scrambled eggs with peppers and onions, wheat toast with avocado slices, and fresh berries), and I’m currently sipping coffee in front of my fireplace, a snowy scene outside the window.  I have a healthy body that will allow me to go to the gym in a few minutes.  A new friend and I will explore a holiday mart this afternoon.  I’ll get to see my family in just a few days, and we’ll enjoy a table full of classic Thanksgiving dishes.

“I’m lucky.  Lord, I’m lucky.” – Carroll O’Connor

Wishing you a day filled with such pleasures, and a life brimming with gratitude.

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