Happy (belated) Birthday.

Well, friends, both the Colts and the Broncos may have lost yesterday, but the world got to celebrate another birthday for the one and only Debi.  Can’t wait to fly home and bake a pecan pie for her!  And by that I mean…stand around while she makes the pie and then lets me put the pecans on top, until she decides I’m doing it too slowly and tells me to make a vegetable tray instead. 

Mom and daughter

Love you, mama!

May this year bring you big adventures, much joy, and plenty of chardonnay!  You deserve all that and much, much more.



Attitude of Gratitude.

Hello, friends!  Happy Saturday!

I attended a memorial service yesterday, and while it was incredibly sad, it was a special opportunity to hear this person’s family and friends eulogize him.  They spoke of his way of moving through the world: he worked his butt off, helped people who needed it, loved his family, and though he rarely talked about faith, he began each day with prayers of gratitude.

He provided a prime example of a life well lived, and everyone who shared memories at the service mentioned how much they admired him.  Even in my short time of knowing him, it was impossible not to.

So this morning, I made a delightful breakfast (scrambled eggs with peppers and onions, wheat toast with avocado slices, and fresh berries), and I’m currently sipping coffee in front of my fireplace, a snowy scene outside the window.  I have a healthy body that will allow me to go to the gym in a few minutes.  A new friend and I will explore a holiday mart this afternoon.  I’ll get to see my family in just a few days, and we’ll enjoy a table full of classic Thanksgiving dishes.

“I’m lucky.  Lord, I’m lucky.” – Carroll O’Connor

Wishing you a day filled with such pleasures, and a life brimming with gratitude.

Yoga studio sign

Ring My Bell.

As I’m sure you all know, the 120th annual Monon Bell game happened this past weekend.  What’s that?  You’ve never heard of it?  Let me enlighten you.

Each November, the DePauw University Tigers (read=the good guys) take on the Wabash Little Giants in an epic battle to bring home the Monon bell, which was donated to the rivalry by the Monon railroad in 1932.  Unfortunately, the Wabash Wallies have come out on top the past few years, so our pride was on the line.

In Denver, the alumni competition is even more intense.  Round one takes place Friday night, we meet at a local bowling alley.  Saturday morning, the DePauw men and the Wabash men (since it’s an all men’s school, that’s a little redundant in their case) tackle each other in flag football, and then the game airs Saturday afternoon.

My lovely step-sister and her awesome fiance – both Tigers – were visiting this weekend, and they were valuable allies in the fight.  We were THISCLOSE to winning bowling and then emerged as victors in flag football.  It all came down to the game.  Which…we lost.  All that my weeks of trash talking brought me was some much-deserved gloating from my Wabash friends (it pains me to admit I have Wabash friends, but sometimes you have to cross the picket line in the name of world peace).

Oh well – the weekend was full of laughter, telling stories, and seeing friends both old and new.  Can’t ask for much more!

Monon visitors.

We fought the good fight.

Great Friends.

My dear friend sent me an email the other day with the subject line “I think I just found your Christmas present…”  The body of the email contained a link to the following t-shirt:

Hangry tshirt

Sometimes I get hangry.

Tonight I had an hour-and-a-half phone call with a guy (also a dear friend) who was one of my “work husbands” in NYC (yes, that’s right, I had multiple work husbands – let’s all move on), and in addition to our general life catch-up, we talked about quantum physics.

Not to brag, but I have the best friends in the world (though according to my earlier convo, there are probably multiple permutations of us throughout the universe…).

Colorado Weekend.

Yesterday, I joined a group of friends running a 5K race in support of Veterans, had a boozy bunch in Larimer Square (which is festooned with holiday decorations and even more charming than usual), played cornhole with a view of the Rocky Mountains, and then went to a party where we made sushi and drank home-brewed beers.

In short, it’s been a perfectly Colorado weekend.

Next up, rooting on the Colts and Broncos from a rooftop downtown.  Life is good.  Hope you’ve got Sunday funday plans, wherever you are!


And it tasted great, too!

By the Numbers.

Happy Sunday, friends!  Hope you’re having a better day than the Colts are thus far (fingers crossed for a second half comeback!).

It has been such a nice weekend: on Friday I stayed in and made a delicious dinner of wheat pasta with kale and tomatoes, and I ate it at my new little dining table while drinking Cabernet Sauvignon and listening to The Moth Radio Hour.  I felt very grown up.

Yesterday I was invited to attend the 2013 gala for Operation TBI Freedom, a Rocky Mountain Human Services initiative that helps veterans who suffered a traumatic brain injury.  It was moving, and it made me want to volunteer.  This afternoon, I took my friend to brunch at Snooze to celebrate her move from NYC to Denver, and we had coffee, eggs, and SO MANY PANCAKES.  Oh, and she had a mimosa, and I enjoyed a Bloody Mary.

Snooze brunch


But possibly the coolest thing I did all weekend was this morning’s session with my numerologist.  (Well, she’s really my mom’s, but I borrow her from time to time.)

For those of you not familiar with numerology, here’s a brief overview as I understand it: you provide your full given name as well as your birth date, and she works up a chart based on those digits.  From that chart, your numerologist can see elements of your personality, your current challenges, and what cycles you’ve been in and are headed towards.

I’ll admit that I’m biased towards mystical stuff, but this woman has helped me be kind to myself and move forward during some challenging times, so whether or not it’s “true,” it’s beneficial for me.

Most of what she said is too personal to comfortably share (much as I love you all), but I will say that I listened to her with tears drawing mascara trails down my cheeks, forgiving myself for a few things.  I’m going to follow her advice to meditate and take better care of my body and soul, which seems like sound advice regardless of your cycle.

She also shared awesome words of wisdom – highlights below:

  • Life is an adventure to be lived, not a problem to be solved.
  • Stop thinking in terms of right and wrong; start thinking in terms of happy and unhappy.  If it makes you feel happy and connected to your higher self, do that.  If it doesn’t, try something else.
  • Nature is your church, and you need to go every day.
  • Follow your soul, and expect the unexpected.  It doesn’t have to make sense.
  • It’s your job to plant the seeds, and God will decide which ones get the sun and water.

I wish you all a week filled with unexpected and wonderful adventures that feed your soul.  I feel refreshed and ready to start planting some seeds, and I can’t wait to see which ones bloom.