Happy Anniversary.

Dear friends, it is a momentous day.  I have now lived in Colorado for one whole year.

Platte River


I was counting down the frickin’ hours to my one-year anniversary in New York because that first year felt like a terrifying carnival ride: big ups and downs, bright lights, and ever-present nausea.  It certainly wasn’t easy getting settled in Colorado – last October, I was spending my days filling out endless job applications at Starbucks and creeping out the teenage baristas with my desperate desire for human interaction.

I got discouraged during my six-month job search, and I was afraid I’d never make friends, but the actual anniversary of my arrival here was Friday, and I forgot because I had a busy day at my cool job followed by a pumpkin carving/bonfire party with my super fun friends.  On Sunday, I cheered for the Broncos and agreed to join a kickball team, and tonight I became enraged when I realized my grocery store was out of kale.  It really happened: Rocky Mountain mama took me in.

Every time I see one of these sunsets, hike through the mountains, or eat green chili, I feel grateful for that hospitality.  It’s been so fun meeting people who love Colorado and can’t wait to share their favorite parts of this great state.  There’s plenty more to explore, and I can’t wait to get to share this awesomeness.  (Thankfully, I don’t have long to wait – another friend from NYC moves out in early November, and my step-sister and her fiance have a visit scheduled mid-month!)

I took a fat leap of faith leaving my New York nest behind, but I knew it was time to chase the wind.  Even though I miss my people (and the pizza), it was worth the risk.  Thanks for sharing the ride.

Carnival rides in Boulder

Your love is like a roller coaster, baby, baby!


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