Yosemite Wedding.

Happy sunny Sunday, friends!  A couple weekends ago I was able to attend a dear friend’s wedding in Yosemite National Park.  The ceremony was on the lawn outside the Ahwahnee Hotel, with mountains all around and deer grazing behind the bridal party.  In short, it was picturesque.

Ahwahnee Wedding

Beautiful setting for a beautiful wedding.

I met the bride in New York – she’s the cousin of one of my best friends, and she also worked with dear friends I knew through an NYU class.  Basically, we were all fated to be friends.  We had a magical few years in the city together, and then the mass exodus began.  The bride decamped for Baltimore (via Virginia), others headed to California, a couple of us ventured to Denver, one found herself in the Windy City, and the bride’s cousin returned to her Midwest roots in Columbus.  This wedding was the first time we’d all be back together in over a year.  As you can imagine, we were counting down the days.

Half Dome

Jazz hands!

Of course, with a setting that beautiful and people that wonderful, there was no way the weekend wasn’t going to be amazing.  We spent the weekend hiking through Yosemite (or…maybe just walking short distances and enjoying the view), basking in each others’ presence and catching up, and celebrating the beautiful bride and handsome groom.  Seriously – I’ve known a lot of lovely brides, but this girl was stunning.

Yosemite bride

With the bride!

What made this wedding even more fun is that, even though the couple met after her time in NYC, many of us had met the groom and his friends before.  Many of my friends met their spouses after we were no longer living in the same city, and it’s weird to attend the wedding of a woman you’ve known since elementary school…and you’re just meeting her husband at their wedding.  Thankfully, my friends have all made excellent choices in their spouses, and this was no exception.  The groom is such a great guy, and so are his friends.

It’s only been a couple weeks, but I miss my NYC ladies so much already.  These women are smart, beautiful, fun, and pursuing great adventures in life.  Even though we’re far apart, it just means we’ve got more places to visit, and I can’t wait to plan some trips!

NYC friends

From the concrete jungle to the redwood forest.

(Regardless of your politics, I think we can all agree that the closing of national parks is a concrete example of how this government shutdown is ridiculous.  While we’re all shut out of our wild open spaces, I hope you enjoy this glimpse of what I had the incredibly good fortune to see.)

Half Dome



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