Friends – I’m no Jack Bauer, but I’ve had a pretty interesting weekend so far.

Here’s a snapshot of the highlights of these past 24 hours:

  • Wore my first cardigan of the fall.
  • Was able to congratulate a friend on successfully avoiding being eaten by bears.
  • Got a fall haircut (featuring “burgundy” lowlights) and a manicure (classic red).
  • Got a bone density scan. (Turns out: not great!  Time to start pounding the kale.)
  • Learned about the importance of compression hose.
  • Told a woman she had eyelashes for days.
  • Had a weepy religious experience with an old Hawaiian masseur.
  • Compared astrological profiles with a very “Aries” friend.
  • Had a weepy meltdown while on the phone with a relatively innocent Comcast account rep.
  • Apologized to said Comcast rep.
Hand with stamp.

Just say yes to life.

Next up: a toddler’s birthday party followed by cheering on the Colts!


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