Fun and Games.

Friends, I heard some great news this week.  My dear friend has started a Tumblr called “Let’s Writey Drawey.”  Why is this so exciting?  I’m glad you asked.

This friend married one of my other friends (you follow?), and they are ridiculously awesome people!  They are creative and funny, and they’re two of the best party hosts you could ever find.  Some of my favorite days in New York were spent in their Brooklyn back yard, watching the squirrels run across the fence tops, eating brisket still warm from the smoker, and playing Writey Drawey.

Brooklyn back yard

Our secret garden.

If you’ve never played, here are the basics: sit in a circle with all your friends (or soon to be friends), each holding a piece of paper and a writing utensil.  Each person writes a sentence and then passes the paper to their left.  Person number two draws a picture representing that sentence.  Person number two then folds the paper, hiding the sentence and leaving only the drawing, and passes it to person number three.  Person three then writes a sentence interpreting the drawing…and so on.  It’s basically the most hilarious game of telephone you’ve ever played: you start with “wine makes me happy,” and you end up with sentences like “bowling while drunk makes everything look all squiggly.”

You should read the Tumblr and then go play with all your friends.


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