36 Reasons for my 50th Post.

City Park sunset

Happy 50th, beautiful!

Cue the confetti…this is the 50th post I’ve written for Rocky Mountain Hi!  What started as a way for me to keep a few friends updated has turned into a journal of sorts – a year in, it’s become the place I turn when I’m excited to share another adventure, or when I need to shake off feeling discouraged, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to those of you who follow along.

Today, a friend forwarded a link to an article on Buzzfeed entitled “36 Things You Will Naturally Understand If You’re From Colorado.”  I realized that while there are a few things on the list I haven’t encountered (that Big Sur waterbed commercial might give me nightmares), I’ve already enjoyed so many of these experiences!  The mountains ARE always west, and I learned to orient myself for the first time anywhere, ever!  I have totally seen those Rocky’s commercials!  I was here when Hickenlooper made the awesome comment about stoners eating cheetos!  The weather is, in fact, nuts!  I got Vinny Castilla’s autograph on Cinco de Mayo!  I have a well-documented obsession with Colorado sunsets!!!

The friend who sent the article – “Bruce,” let’s call him – was one of the first people I met after moving to Denver, and he quickly became one of my Colorado gurus.  He shared favorite local restaurants, urged me to visit Red Rocks, and was even instrumental in my job search, so it’s fitting that he sent this article – tangible evidence that I’m actually building a life here.

People are drawn to different places for different reasons – my dear friend from the Bronx frequently laughed at me and called me a “herb” for not always understanding the NYC lifestyle, but I chose New York for the inherent challenge: if I could make it there, I could make it anywhere.  And after proving to myself that I could, I now get to live in a city populated by people who want to have the chance to be awed by a sunset over the mountains every single day.  It’s a long and lonely process to get settled in a new city, but I’m thankful to have met so many people like Bruce, who are just so damn happy to be here they can’t wait to share it with a newbie like me.

Here’s to another 50 adventures in Colorful Colorado!


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