Happy Birthday.

Well, friends, I had a birthday.  It was lovely!  So many people came out to the Horseshoe Lounge to celebrate, and one of my darling friends brought cupcakes and a birthday tiara, which I wore while walking around shouting “It’s my birthday and I demand attention!”  I’m sure everyone found that charming…but I think (/hope) that your birthday is a blanket get out of jail free card.

I felt so happy looking around at all my friends – people I went to college with, new Denver friends, an old camp counselor buddy, and even a girl I grew up with.  While I miss my Indiana/NYC loves, being surrounded by this awesome group of people reminded me that I made the right choice moving to Colorado.

One of my Colorado cousins also had a birthday this week, so a bunch of us went to dinner and then to Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill last night…which was an experience.  There’s a mechanical bull!  I’m not sure what possesses people to get on that thing, but I’m glad they do.

Even though I have now officially entered the last year of my 20s, I still don’t really feel grown up (and I’m not sure when that happens), but I started it off right: hung out with friends and family, played “Family Tradition” on a jukebox, embarrassed myself on a weepy phone call, ate some BBQ, and learned to two-step.  I’m excited to see what adventures 29 brings!

Birthday cupcakes

Happy happy.


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