36 Reasons for my 50th Post.

Cue the confetti...this is the 50th post I've written for Rocky Mountain Hi!  What started as a way for me to keep a few friends updated has turned into a journal of sorts - a year in, it's become the place I turn when I'm excited to share another adventure, or when I need to … Continue reading 36 Reasons for my 50th Post.

Happy Birthday.

Well, friends, I had a birthday.  It was lovely!  So many people came out to the Horseshoe Lounge to celebrate, and one of my darling friends brought cupcakes and a birthday tiara, which I wore while walking around shouting "It's my birthday and I demand attention!"  I'm sure everyone found that charming...but I think (/hope) … Continue reading Happy Birthday.


Any of you who know me know that I love Coney Island somethin' fierce.  It's dirty, seedy, and hardscrabble - everything I've never been and am totally fascinated by.  Most of my friends don't understand why I like to spend summer afternoons packed into bleacher seats watching a tattooed girl eat fire, but then I … Continue reading Coney.


Hello, lovelies!  How was your holiday weekend?  I hope you celebrated the USA's birthday in style. I went up to a fireworks show northeast of Denver with my fun friends, who had heard this particular show was the best.  There were food trucks, live bands, a beer garden, and the fireworks did not disappoint.  I … Continue reading Independence.


Friends, Guess what happens tomorrow!  On July 4th, I get to be independent of my dumb ankle brace.  Small victories. Everybody have fun plans for the 4th?  Wherever you are and whatever you do, have fun and be safe. Love, Jessica