Sky’s the Limit.

One of the side effects of living in New York is that it’s so overstimulating you forget what’s missing until you go elsewhere.  The first time I visited home after six months in the city, I stood in the bank parking lot and said to my mom, “there’s so much sky!”  (Shortly followed by a mystified, “and everyone has a southern accent!”)

Even though you see celebrities on a weekly basis, it’s possible to go months (or even years) in New York without properly seeing a sunset.  This didn’t even register until I visited southern Africa last April.  Every night we’d prop up our feet at the bar, or our guide would pull the Land Rover off the path in the bush, and we’d knock back some “malaria medicine” (gin and tonic, naturally – tonic water contains quinine) and watch the sun set.

During this trip, I felt myself go un-crazy, if that makes sense.  I realize it’s an obnoxious thing to be able to say, but there’s something about being in Africa that brings you back to your elemental rhythms.  Life moves slower and at its own pace there, and you get to enjoy these sublime moments of hearing a fish eagle’s cry or watching a hippo’s mouth gape open.  You have nothing else to do and nowhere else to be: you simply exist in awe of the exhilarating beauty and wildness around you.

When I got back to New York, I embraced the beginning of the end of my time in the city as I said to my friend Jenny, “why do we live in a place where we can’t see the sunsets?”

Even now, six months into my Colorado adventure, I still love looking at the wide blue sky and watching the dramatic sunsets over the Rocky Mountains, so I wanted to share some serenity with all of you.

Red Rocks sunrise

Sunrise at Red Rocks

Red Rocks blue sky with moon


Sky with clouds

Couldn’t have painted it any prettier.

Sky with wispy clouds

Sunny day on the plains.

Platte River sunset

Sunset over the Platte River

Hope your week brings you beauty and happiness!


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