America’s Pastime.

Coors Field

Baseball season has arrived!  The Colorado Rockies had their season opener yesterday, so I met up with an old camp counselor buddy and her girlfriend to watch at a nearby sports bar.  On the way in, I ran into a guy I went to college with, a welcome sign that Denver is starting to feel like home.

Downtown was packed with people wearing purple and black Rockies gear, eating pizza and dancing along to competing pop songs blaring from neighboring bars.  One great result of Denver’s fantastic weather is the abundance of rooftop bars, and we toasted the Rockies win with a few cold beverages in the last hours of daylight.

Hopefully, before too long I’ll be cheering the Rockies on from the stands at Coors Field!

[Before I sign off, one quick note about Denver bars: when I mentioned my upcoming move to ladies in NYC, they all got a gleam in their eye and said, “You know it’s called Menver, right?   There are so many guys.”  I hadn’t heard this before deciding to head West, but it has been a pleasant change after six years in the dating dead zone that is New York.  As we walked around yesterday, we got high fives, hugs, a few attempted hand-holdings, and buckets of free beers.  I could get used to this.]

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