Brief Update.

Hi friends!  As Spring arrives in Colorado, it brings warm sunny days, light breezes, and the urge to get out and explore.  Pictorial round-up of a few recent exploits below!


St. Pat's cupcake

On Saturday, my friend and I rode bikes downtown to see the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  As you can imagine, there was lots of great people watching.  When some Native American dancers went by (you know – those traditional St. Patrick’s Day American Indians…), one possibly drunk young man yelled out, “Hey, that guy’s not even Indian!  He’s pure white!  That is CRAP.”  People got an early start on the green beer.  Instead of knocking back a Guinness, I went for the Irish car bomb cupcake pictured above.

Snooze pancakes

Yesterday, I got to meet up with my sweet friend who was in town for a baby shower.  We had pancakes at Snooze, which were just as delicious as they look, and then we walked around downtown.  As I dropped her off at the airport, I realized yet again how lucky I am to know so many wonderful people and how much I miss you all!


The pretty weather has made for some very pretty sunsets.  Enjoy a little breathing space, as Oprah might say.


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