Swing Dance.

During my morning run to Starbucks, even though I could see my breath, the air had that feel of Florida in the Spring, early in the morning before the sun has warmed the sand.  Sure enough, it turned into a beautiful day.  To take advantage of the blue sky and light breeze, I took a book and an apple to a nearby park.


When I arrived, the playground was deserted, so I sat on one of the swings overlooking a nearby pond.  How long as it been since you’ve been on a swing?  If it’s been a while, you should remedy that straightaway.  I gripped the metal chains and kicked off the wood chips, enjoying the familiar squeak and whine of the metal and the exciting rush of gaining speed and height.

Once I finished swinging, I walked down to the pond and watched the wind ripple the water towards the shore, around a half submerged tumbleweed.  It was so calm and quiet.


I found a bench and ate my crisp apple while reading my book.  The wind kept blowing pieces of my hair in my face, but I was so grateful to be sitting outside that I didn’t care.  I simply enjoyed breathing deeply, listening to the distant shouts of exuberant teenagers, and feeling the warmth of the sun.


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