Field Trip.

The sun was shining this morning (and I was bored), so I decided to take myself on a field trip to Four Mile Historic Park.  An online event calendar told me it was a free day for the park and museum, and the museum’s website told me this park is home to Denver’s oldest standing structure.  To the park I went!

It was fine.  I’m sure it would be SUPER COOL if you were under the age of 10, but it was mostly a lot of fake old-timey buildings with plaques that read “this is the type of home fur trappers would have lived in” or “a real tipi would have been made of buffalo hide – ours is made of canvas!”


*Not an authentic tipi.

You could explore all the fake buildings with abandon (including the schoolhouse that had a portrait of Abe Lincoln hanging above some period-accurate hand sanitizer.  Perhaps smallpox wouldn’t have been as big of an issue if they’d had Germ-x), but the actual oldest standing structure in Denver – to enter that building, you had to be part of the tour.  Making the experience even more exclusive, you can’t actually SEE the old part of the house from the outside.  The log cabin has been covered to protect it.

House at Four Mile Historic Park

It’s in there somewhere!

Wanting to actually see the old building I drove out there to see, I stopped by the visitor’s center, which smelled strongly of goat cheese.  The man working the front desk informed me that there were already enough people in the park to more than fill the tour, so I probably wouldn’t make the cut, but I was welcome to walk around the park.  I stopped back at the designated time, and sure enough, Mr. Manners told me the tour was full.  VERY full, in fact.

To cheer myself up, I decided to go out to the stables and pet the horses.  These poor raggedy things were no Black Beauty, let me tell you.  Contrary to what Misty of Chincoteague would have you believe, these horses were totally uninterested in my friendship.  When it became clear that, despite a headbutt to the boob and a few kicks at the fence, I was not going to be giving them any carrots, they rolled their eyes and turned away.


“Who does she think she is, coming here with no carrots?”

While this excursion may not have been successful in the traditional sense, I enjoyed sloshing through the snow, breathing in the clean air, and picking up some home decor ideas.  Antlers are the hot new thing – you heard it here first.


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