Barred for Life.

So close...

So close…

Do you see that sliver of silver in the photo above?  That, friends, is Barr Lake.  As you may remember, my first attempt to reach the lake was unsuccessful, as was my second.  On this sunny Saturday, I decided to try again.

As I drove towards the lake, flocks of hundreds of geese flew overhead across the blue sky, streaked by delicate clouds and jet streams.  I pulled into the lot at the edge of the park, hopped out of my Honda, and took a deep breath of warm February air.  (Yes, you read that right – it was almost 60 today.  Have I mentioned how much I love Colorado?)  A line of pine trees led to the lake, which I could just glimpse across the field.

Before I stepped three feet from the car, my spidey senses detected movement.  Camouflaged movement.  Turns out those geese overhead weren’t just for decoration.

After hearing the first loud pop, I turned and saw a flash of fire from one of the hunter’s rifles as he shot at the geese flying directly over my car.  Something (BULLET SHRAPNEL?) landed and skittered across the lot behind me.

I promptly turned on my heel, got back onto the car, and decided to return to Barr Lake when the only thing in season is sunshine.

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