Red Rocks.

After spending a week in Indiana, I returned to Colorado in need of an adventure.  I've been hearing about Red Rocks for months and Wednesday's weather report told me the snow wouldn't arrive until the afternoon, so I grabbed my fanny pack (they are incredibly convenient, and you can all be quiet about it already!) … Continue reading Red Rocks.

Hallelujah, By and By.

Do you ever get that feeling, when you're looking at one of your parents, when you just love them so much that you fear you can't hold it all, and surely something inside you will explode from the beauty and glee and gratitude and fear?  I felt that way earlier as I watched my mom … Continue reading Hallelujah, By and By.

A Quick Note.

Hello friends.  I might not be around this week, so I thought I'd give you all your valentine a little early. I feel blessed to have such an awesome family and so many wonderful friends.  My life is filled with more love than anyone could ask for.  Thank you all for being you.