In Brief.

Hi friends!  I’ve been AWOL recently.  Fun things have been happening, as they are wont to do here in Denver – I saw Craig Morgan play at the Grizzly Rose (more on that later), watched a shirtless man play a keytar (much more on that later), and ate a ridiculously amazing breakfast burrito (read more about that here).

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of any of this to share with you.  Nobody regrets that more than I do; however, I’m pretty sure it’s been said that 1,000 words equal a picture, so I will attempt to paint a couple below.

Grizzly Rose: Craig Morgan concert

My wonderful cousins invited me along for their “redneck girls’ night” to see Craig Morgan, of “Redneck Yacht Club” fame, play the Grizzly Rose.  We met for Mexican food to fuel up before the show (tamales smothered in green chili…mmm…) and headed to the venue.  The Grizzly Rose is a magical place where you can drink a beer, watch live music, line dance, ride a mechanical bull, and buy a pair of Wranglers.  You can also wear daisy dukes in January, a matching camo-print sweatshirt and baseball cap, or a western shirt with Yosemite Sam emblazoned on your back.

The opening band was decent – they played a mix of original songs and covers, including personal favorite “Strawberry Wine” – and Craig Morgan has very nicely toned arms.  We danced, sang, and saluted our veterans and active military members.

In short, it was amazing.  They offer free dance lessons, which I fully intend to attend.  I’ll be sure to take photos next time.

The Bluebird Theater

A few of us attended the “Third Annual Faceman’s Waltz” at the Bluebird Theater.  What does that mean, you ask?  Hell if I know.  A friend’s former coworker’s awesome band (The Knew) was playing, so to the Bluebird we went.  (Side note: any of you watch Nashville?  I know it’s a different Bluebird, but I pretended I was going to see Deacon, who is a stone cold fox…)

The theater itself was so cool – it feels old but not neglected, like notes from shows in the ’50s still hang in the blue velvet curtains.  It’s a cozy venue, and every seat in the house is a great one, but the music is so great, you’ll be standing.  This particular show was comprised of a bunch of funky bands, including one with a guy wearing a fur vest, and was hosted by a very abrasive Buddy Holly-esque emcee.  My favorite band, other than The Knew, was a shirtless solo artist rocking a white-guy fro and a keytar.  I don’t know how to describe the sounds coming out of this man’s body.  It was a combination of growls, yelps, and some gibberish…they may have been real words, but I was so flabbergasted by the whole scene that I browned out.

After the show, we headed to Pete’s Kitchen for some late-night breakfast burritos: the perfect conclusion to a lovely weekend.


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