Losing Stock.

Something in the cosmos is cock-blocking my adventures this week.  (In a definite “first world problems” kind of way, though, so…take these complaints with a grain of salt [lick].)

A few people had told me wondrous things about the stock show, which kicked off with a parade downtown today.  I have so many great memories associated with parades in New York.  During our first summer in NYC, my friend Allison and I giddily attended both the Gay Pride and Puerto Rican Day parades, which are two of the loudest, rowdiest events in the city.  The West Indian Parade ran directly in front of my first Brooklyn apartment, the streets crammed with girls wearing elaborate feather headdresses and booths selling jerk chicken.  The Mermaid Parade in Coney Island is a sweaty, glorious celebration of weirdness.

Coney, you're a hot mess, and I love you for it.

Coney, you’re a hot mess, and I love you for it.

The stock show kick-off parade involves over a hundred Texas longhorn cattle, marching bands, horseback riders, and floats, and I couldn’t wait to embrace this side of Denver culture.

The parade began at noon, so my plan was to leave the house around 11:30, to ensure plenty of time to get a good spot.  I got a bit delayed finishing up my Modern Family recap for Character Grades (SHAMELESS PLUG: you can read it here), but I made it downtown by 12:30.  I figured this was plenty of time to catch the tail end of the show.

While walking towards 17th street – the parade route – I saw a man wearing a cowboy hat (over his sweatshirt hood), walking in the opposite direction of the parade.  Red flag #1.  I passed a bearded man and his wife carrying camp chairs, also walking away from 17th.  Red flag #2.  Finally, I got to 17th, and like a thief in the night, the parade had stolen itself away…my broken heart the only sign it had ever been there at all.

I decided to hoof it towards the end of the route, in case I might be able to track down at least one longhorn steer.  I reached Tremont, where the parade was scheduled to end, and caught sight of a few horses in the distance, followed by a herd of…street sweepers.

Herd of street sweepers in their natural habitat

Herd of street sweepers in their natural habitat

It may not have been the experience I’d hoped, but it was a nice walk through downtown Denver, and I cheered myself up with a Turkey Tom from Jimmy John’s.  The sandwich alone was worth the [cattle] drive!

(p.s. in order to cheer myself up, I allowed myself a few gratuitous puns…sorry I’m not sorry.)


5 thoughts on “Losing Stock.

  1. Very punny! I’m so honored to be mentioned. Man those parades were the best. At least you got some good shots of street sweepers, though!! : )

  2. My husband has been to the stock show many times in past years. I have been in Colorado for over 6 years and have yet to go. Sorry you missed the parade, but sounds like the sandwich made up for it. 🙂

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