Thwarted Again.

DetourInspired by the beautiful weather, I attempted, once again, to visit Barr Lake.  Once again, I failed.

To avoid any hunters, I looked up driving directions to the park, packed up my camera, put on my L.L. Bean boots, and headed out.  I passed horses wearing little jackets and a field full of cows (or maybe small bears?  I was far away and couldn’t tell exactly what they were), and planes bound for Denver International Airport coasted overhead.  As the road turned, I glimpsed the lake!  Surely the entrance could not be far.

I reached Piccadilly Street, where I was due to turn, and then…a road block!  No Through Traffic!  Road Work Ahead!  The detour sign led me onto a dirt road, so I followed the path, hoping I could reach the park on the other side of the detour.  My little Honda CR-V bounced and jostled along the unpaved road.  I wondered, is this going to hurt my suspension?!?   As a spoiled suburban female, I have no idea what the suspension is (is it a part?  Is it a concept achieved by keeping all the parts in balance?  I’m envisioning springs…), but regardless, this seemed like a situation that might be endangering it.

After a long loop, I passed “Gun Club Road” (and some ridiculous mansions) and reached the other side of Piccadilly Street.  Can you guess what awaited me there?  Another huge road block.  I took it as a detour sign from the universe.  I probably would have been eaten by rabid coyotes, anyway.

You’ve won the battle, Barr Lake, but someday, I will stroll along your shore…


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