In Brief.

Hi friends!  I've been AWOL recently.  Fun things have been happening, as they are wont to do here in Denver - I saw Craig Morgan play at the Grizzly Rose (more on that later), watched a shirtless man play a keytar (much more on that later), and ate a ridiculously amazing breakfast burrito (read more … Continue reading In Brief.

Losing Stock.

Something in the cosmos is cock-blocking my adventures this week.  (In a definite "first world problems" kind of way, though, so...take these complaints with a grain of salt [lick].) A few people had told me wondrous things about the stock show, which kicked off with a parade downtown today.  I have so many great memories … Continue reading Losing Stock.

Going Green.

Those of you from the Rocky Mountain region will already know about this stuff, but green amazing.  It's chili made with green chiles (hence the name).  So far I've had a version with pork (similar to the photo below), and then a creamy, blended version. You dip a tortilla into the soup, which has … Continue reading Going Green.