Happy, Merry.

Hello, friends!  I hope Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza were good to all of you.  We had a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends, and fried dough.  The best possible combination, in my opinion.  Pictorial timeline below.

First, we baked some gingerbread and sugar cookies.  They were delicious.



The next indulgence is evidenced below.  I love going home and digging through all our old stuff and then wandering around the house in my mom’s fringed leather coat, trying on my prom dress, or pulling out boxes of pictures from the 70s.  My mother is usually like, “stop getting all this crap out, and maybe you should be getting rid of some of the boxes in your closet that haven’t been unpacked since college?”  But then she gets caught up in the fun.  (Also, I need to explain this caption – my brother’s affectionate nickname for me is Ho Bag, and I stomped downstairs in this get-up, and my mom said, “Look!  It’s the Ho that stole Christmas!”)

"The Ho that stole Christmas"

“The Ho that stole Christmas”

Then we attended a Christmas Eve service at the Cathedral on the Circle in downtown Indy, and both the circle and the service were lovely.



We sat around in our pajamas and opened a few presents (and watched a little Downton Abbey).


It snowed a lot.

So much snow!

So much snow!

And, finally, we ate so much candy, my teeth hurt.  It was worth it.  I’d eat it all again!

So much candy!

So much candy!

Happy New Year to you all!  I hope 2013 brings many wonderful opportunities.


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