Happy, Merry.

Hello, friends!  I hope Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza were good to all of you.  We had a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends, and fried dough.  The best possible combination, in my opinion.  Pictorial timeline below. First, we baked some gingerbread and sugar cookies.  They were delicious. The next indulgence is evidenced below.  I love going home and … Continue reading Happy, Merry.


Our Mutual Friend.

This weekend was super fun!  A friend had her housewarming party on Friday night, and she welcomed us with homemade brownies (with icing!  and candy canes!), local craft beer, and a tour of her beautiful apartment.  We visited some LoDo (Lower Downtown, for the uninitiated) bars, including a fantastic dive with skee-ball and a live … Continue reading Our Mutual Friend.