The season’s bounty

In honor of the upcoming holiday, I’ve compiled a list below of things for which I’m thankful…in no particular order.

  • My mom, who is and will always be the coolest lady I know.
  • My sweet brother, who always makes me laugh, even when I’m white-knuckle terrified on airplanes.
  • My new(ish!) family (how many people get to have a friend become a sister?), and my soon-to-be new family members. I will get out of control at all of your weddings. You’re welcome in advance.
  • Friends who make you laugh when you’re crying, and make you cry from so much laughing.
  • Sweet potatoes, for being a delicious vehicle for marshmallows.
  • Indiana for raising me, New York for challenging me, and Colorado for nourishing me.
  • My gold tooth, for taking no nonsense.

I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving, wherever you may be!


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