Rise and Shine.

I’ve decided the two most important ingredients for cooking are counter space and free time.  Since I’ve been out here I’ve made multiple real meals…from recipes!

This is very exciting, since I spent the past few years surviving on foods suitable only for college-age bachelors.  I often worried that if I were buried in an avalanche and future archaeologists dug me up and investigated the contents of my stomach, they’d assume that our generation survived on toaster waffles, salsa, and popsicles.  (That’s a normal thing to worry about, yes?)

I was delighted to discover that my ineptitude in the kitchen was due more to my lack of an actual kitchen than my skill level.  I won’t show photos of the real meals, since I have yet to see an appetizing photo involving ground beef, but here’s what I had for breakfast…

Beautiful breakfast!


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