People are Nice.

I wanted to write a quick note to say how impressed and grateful I am about how unfailingly nice and helpful everyone is being through this process.  When I first mentioned my plans to move to a friend from college, she not only rattled off a list of people we know who live in Colorado, but she even sent me photographs from her own vacation there as inspiration.

Each person I’ve pestered with questions has replied with helpful insights about neighborhoods, fun things to do, and life in Colorado.  Another friend actually mailed some articles to me in Brooklyn about Denver’s housing and nightlife.

When I confessed my plans to my friends in New York, after a few moments of loud weeping they all volunteered to put me in touch with friends from home who live in Colorado…and those future friends of mine took time away from their various jobs and babies to offer even more helpful advice.  The NYC friend who is moving to Denver shortly is sharing so much great information and providing even more inspiration.

We all fret about the state of society now and again, so to feel so completely enveloped in kindness and generosity is life-affirming and kind of amazing.

When I’m settled out there, my home will be as open to all of you as my heart is now.


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