I Have Arrived.

I’ve decided that a pictorial timeline will be the best way to update all you lovelies on my cross-country journey.  After a ridiculous amount of packing (thank you to Kate M. for moral support), including a last-minute emergency run to the post office before my flight (see above), I boarded a plane and left New York City.  (It still feels like I’m just on vacation and will be back…weird!)

My mom and I set out through this Fall wonderland in my new (to me) Honda CR-V around 7:20 a.m. on Thursday, October 25.  And thus, the adventure began.

We stopped for coffee at a truck stop, somewhere on the far side of Kansas City.  Here we also downloaded an audio book – The Happiness Project.  While we didn’t have time to finish the book, the first half was enjoyable.  We eventually drove about 10 hours, stopping for dinner in Manhattan, KS, and then continuing on to Junction City to stay at the lovely Hampton Inn.

During Day 2 of driving, we stumbled upon a Mexican restaurant in WaKeeney, Kansas.  If you ever visit WaKeeney, please do yourself a favor and eat here.  Best fajitas, maybe ever.

Kansas, as it turns out, is quite flat.

Finally, our first glimpse of colorful Colorado!!!  The excitement and nerves began to mount.

Snow!!!  On tiny evergreen trees!!!

I’ve already been to this Target three times.  It was amazing all three.
Debi and I unpacked my stuff and organized my closet, so I’m pretty much settled in!  Debi left for home yesterday, and I’ve begun applying for internships and looking into freelance options, so keep your fingers crossed for me.
I miss my NYC buddies (so happy you all stayed safe during Sandy!), but I’m excited for this next phase, and I can’t wait for visitors!

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