Fare Thee Well.

5th borough – check!

Not to brag, but my going away party was epic.  Drew and Emily helped me fulfill a dream six years in the making: riding the Staten Island Ferry.  Not sure why I had never gotten around to it before, but the build-up imbued our round-trip journey with excitement.  It did not disappoint.

We headed to the boarding dock, jostled by the waiting crowd.  Sunset was approaching, showing up the Statue of Liberty’s steadfast beauty.  Finally, the double-decker orange boat churned into the station, and we eagerly trampled aboard – our first goal was to locate the bar.  $3.75 tall boy cans of Coors and Fosters in hand, we headed outside to enjoy the breeze.

When we returned to Manhattan, our friend Kate met us for some tasty tacos at Mexicana Mama, and then we cabbed over to Westside Tavern, the perfect dive-y but not grungy local hangout.

So many people came out to bid me farewell, and I appreciated everyone spending their evening with me, drinking beer and playing pool.  It was a great cross-section of the layers of my life: a couple friends from high school (including the talented Stephanie), lots from college, and many I met in NYC.  I miss them all already.

Chace Crawford, of Gossip Girl fame, also happened to be there.  No big deal.


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